Nano-Bio Materials Laboratory

Research Highlight

Self-Assembly of Conjugated Block-Copolymer

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Conjugated Block-Copolymers

Solution phase self-assembly of P3HT-b-PEO led to various types of hierarchical assembly structures of P3HT nanofibers, demonstrating that the supramolecular self-assembly of conjugated polymers provides a new toolbox for the formation of functional organic nanostructures. [JACS, 2010, 132, 9931, ACS Nano. 2012, 6, 2844]

Air-Liquid Interfacial Self-Assembly of Conjugated Block-Copolymers

Interfacial self-assembly of P3HT-b-PEO was used to fabricate ultrathin conjugated polymer films composed of well-aligned P3HT nanowires. Furthermore, binary self-assembly with functional nanoparticles led to ordered arrays of functional nanoparticles and polymers with improved transport properties. [ACS Nano 2014, 8, 12755, ACS AMI 2019, 11, 28538, ACS AMI 2020, 12, 5099, ACS AMI 2022]