Nano-Bio Materials Laboratory

Research Highlight

Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Spiky Gold Nanoshells

We developed a new synthetic method for metal nanoshells with highly structured surface. They exhibit enhanced near-field and far-field scattering compared to widely studied smooth shells and serve as highly reproducible and bright surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate. [J. Phys. Chem. C 2012, 116, 10318(Featured on the journal cover), ACS Nano, 2014, 8, 9, 9025–9034.]


Assembly of metal nanoparticles can bring about unusual metamaterial properties that are rarely observed in our surroundings. The synthetic method allows for simultaneous synthesis and assembly of nanoparticles to fabricate raspberry-like metamolecules supporting strong magnetic resonances. [ACS Nano 2015, 9, 1263, J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 20436−20444(Editor's choice), Adv. Mater. 2021, 2007668.]